I must begin this speech by stating that for anyone to make it as an entrepreneur continuously, they must have the passion for entrepreneurship. Entrepreneurship is primarily about identifying problems and proffering solutions to them. As an entrepreneur, your aim should be solving problems. If you keep doing this, money will come eventually.
Consistency in entrepreneurship involves endless innovation, creativity and adaptation. You have to always be able to adapt and change with the times. It would be unwise for you to use the same set of methods, strategies and techniques in Entrepreneurship forever. You should know when to substitute one for the other.
I will use Africa Facts Zone as a case study. We first began as Nigerian Celebrities Facts. People demanded that we cover more, so we upgraded to Nigeria Facts and we still saw the need to expand our horizon and that was when Africa Facts Zone was born.
We had to get more contributors and admins then, so we gradually selected new ones and now we have had over 20 admins, but we currently have 15 admins and over 20 contributors across Africa. We’ve touched on Politics, History, Religion, Oil and Gas, Telecommunications, ICT, Entertainment. You name it. We are always willing to acquire new information and skills.