The ladies that have the highest chances of welcoming babies in 2018.

With barely a month till 2018, many women will already be planning to get married and have babies.

However, these are only just plans, and many may not even find love or a baby next year, and may focus on other things.

Following an in-depth session with our babalawo at Concaholicwe’ve come up with top 20 female names that should be expecting babies in 2018.

If your name is on this list and you’re expecting babies, you might as well start buying SMA Gold. If you aren’t ready for babies, you’d better be doubling those condoms. Our babalawo is never wrong.

See the 20 names below.

  1. Sarah.
  2. Bukola
  3. Chiwendu
  4. Aminat
  5. Oreoluwa
  6. Elizabeth
  7. Amarachi
  8. Adesua
  9. Uzoamaka
  10. Esther
  11. Chikodi
  12. Modinat
  13. Emmanuella
  14. Jemilat
  15. Blessing
  16. Similoluwa
  17. Ruth
  18. Taiwo
  19. Mercy
  20. Chioma

Congratulations! (or not…)