Nollywood actor Mike Okon has slammed blogger Stella Dimoko-Korkus with a N500 million lawsuit over a defamatory post.

Stella Dimoko-Korkus had alleged in a post on her website that Mike Okon stole credit cards while in America for a movie premiere, and eloped with another woman.

The actor replied with a lawsuit, demanding an apology on her website, as well as N500 million in damages.

Mike Okon lawsuit to Stella Dimoko Korkus

Responding to the lawsuit on her Instagram page, Dimoko-Korkus refused to issue an apology, and taunted him to increase the money to N1 billion.

Nollywood actor Michael Okon you ran to a lawyer and then spread it on the net. Did you tell your Lawyer the truth about what you did? The reason I am calling you out here is because this is a personal callout and the reason I didn’t take it to my Blog. You want an apology within seven days and N500 million naira because I called you out for using the credit card of someone whom did not authorize you to? Did you apologize to the married man whose wife has a seven year old daughter for you and who divorced his wife because you got her pregnant? Whom you dated for two years?Were you sued for that Papa Mitchell?have you apologized to the daughter who has never seen you and whose mum you stopped communication with when kassala burst?you can add this call out to the lawsuit. Make it one billion. You will not get the apology. Stop scamming women in the name of Love! I await your next move. @mikijay_okon

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