Kevin Spacey has been hit with another sexual assault allegation, this time coming from the son of veteran actor Richard Dreyfuss. 

Harry Dreyfuss was 18 at the time of the alleged incident, and detailed the entire incident in an incident for BuzzFeed.

The incident is said to have happened in 2008 in London, when Richard was rehearsing for the Spacey-directed play, Complicit. 

It’s the latest in a series of allegations against Spacey, who has had his House Of Cards show cut by Netflix. He’s also the subject of an investigation in London.

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“It happened one night when the three of us were alone in Kevin’s apartment rehearsing my father’s lines. My father didn’t see, and I didn’t tell him about the incident for many years,” he wrote.

Richard was in the room, but Harry says he  was “deeply focused on his script” to notice. Spacey kept his hand on his thigh and then grabbed his crotch, even as Harry switched seats.

Fearing a feud between his father and Spacey, Harry kept the events of the day to himself.

“He knew he could fondle me in a room with my father and that I wouldn’t say a word. He knew I wouldn’t have had the guts. And I didn’t,” Dreyfuss wrote.

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“It just never occurred to me that Kevin would be interested in me in the first place. He was an adult man, a hero of mine, my dad’s boss, none of which were categories on my radar for sexual interactions. Besides, I thought, surely he can’t be coming on to me like this right in front of my dad,” he added.

He revealed that he finally became bold enough to tell his story after people who had been assaulted by Harvey Weinstein all came out to tell their stories.

“I came to see how important it is to add my voice to the people who are demanding a better world. A world in which powerful men are no longer allowed to feel safe to do this, or far worse,” he wrote.

In a statement to Buzzfeed, Spacey’s lawyer Bryan Freedman said that the actor “absolutely denies the allegations” made by Dreyfuss.

Richard Dreyfuss tweeted after his son’s coming out: “I love my son @harrydreyfuss more than I could explain with all the words in the world. And I am so incredibly proud of him right now.”