Chika Ike reveals marrying too young may have caused crash

Nollywood actress Chika Ike has opened up on her 7-year marriage to Tony Eberiri, and why she thinks it failed.

In an interview with The Nation,  she revealed that marrying at 21 was a possible reason for how the union turned out.

She said: “I think it has to do with so many reasons; one of them might be being young. Some people get married that young and have been able to make their marriages work. But if you’re young, you’re young.

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“There are some things you’ve not experienced. You might not be able to stay calm when you’re supposed to stay calm, understand when you’re supposed to understand or leave what you’re supposed to leave.

“I think it has to do with age and so many other things like compatibility and not being true to yourself in the marriage. Everybody has a limit. There are some things in marriage that you might not be able to stand. Some people’s limit might not be my limit; my limit might be somebody’s starting point.”

The marriage crashed in 2013, and she has since found someone else. She added: Marriage is a beautiful institution. I will never talk down on marriage because it’s something I still look forward to. It’s what every woman hopes for. Though I’m focused on my career right now, I do have a very special person in my life.”

I kinda agree with her. I don’t think people should marry that early. What do you think?