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Dencia calls Pastor Adeboye a “monster” after he requests for N1 billion

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Cameroonian singer Dencia has called Pastor E. A. Adeboye a “monster” after a video of him surfaced asking for N1 billion.

In the video, Adeboye, while speaking at a sermon, asked anyone who could give the church N1 billion to come and see him.

He said, “Who, by the grace of God, can give N1 billion, such people should the secretary in my office tonight for a very special announcement.”

He added, “And then there’d be some of you who say, “Daddy I wish I can give a billion but all I can afford is N100 million.” Such people should also see my secretary after the programmer tonight.”

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The video drew widespread criticism on social media, with Cool FM OAP Freeze posting it on his feed and once again criticizing the General Overseer of the Redeemed Christian Church of God.

One of the celebrities to comment on the post was Dencia, who wrote: “Let the devil punish this man cuz God’s punishment will be nice. You know what he is the devil, if you live in Africa and can open your mouth and say this, that mouth needs to be slapped your face, the audacity.”

She added: “Well, his disciples created the monster, the people who worship these men instead of God creating this bloody money hungry men and women called pastors. May the suffering of Nigerian men and women visit him in his sleep.”

What do you think of Adeboye’s sermon and Dencia’s comments?

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  1. Ty

    I think it is non of ur biznes o. Who are you to even ask of d devil to punish someone. I think we should all think very wellb4 we talk anyhow to anybody. Here in Nigeriawe are taught to respect our leaders, elders irrespective of what you think. Those words are too much Biko. Most especially from your mouth. Please let’s not forget that he is also a man of God, and u dnt know wen or who the judgmentof God s coming upon. If by the Grace of God there are peoplewho can donate that amount, let the, if you can’t it’s is not your business. I just feel we should be very careful. No matter wat they saythey still happen to be called Ministers of God. Last time I checked Jezebel didn’t end up well wen she tried to act against God’s holy prophet. I don’t think it is any different today, cos d God I know has not changed. please for our own good let’s be mindful of what we say and to who we say them.

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