Producer Diplo has shared a pretty hilarious story of when Kanye West called him to produce for the Watch The Throne album.

The story was a new episode of TBS Digital presents Storyville, and Diplo narrated the incident perfectly.

Diplo, who’s the head member of Major Lazer, revealed that he met up with Kanye at the Mercer Hotel, and had been asked to work on Lift Off with Nigeria’s very own Don Jazzy. 

He adds that while he unsuccessfully tried to work, Don Jazzy seemed to be only concerned with tweeting.  He also thought Don Jazzy hated him!

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While he was preparing to leave, he says Kanye West worked into the room and announced that he was going to marry then girlfriend Kim Kardashian, become a fashion designer, and become the future president of the United States of America.

Diplo didn’t eventually work on the album, and was not listed as a producer on the album.

Watch the video below.