Jhene Aiko and Dot Da Genius’ divorce gets messy

Months after Jhene Aiko filed for divorce from husband Dipo ‘Dot Da Genius’ Omishore, it’s all getting a bit messy in court.

When she filed for divorce, Aiko had filed to prevent Omishore for receiving spousal support. Omishore is having none of it though, and has applied for spousal support, while he won’t be paying any alimony.  He also wants her to pay his lawyer fees.

The duo had been married for just over 2 years, even though Aiko had spent the latter half of it flaunting her new relationship with rapper Big Sean. She had been accused on multiple accusations of cheating on Omishore, but denied them, claiming their fall out was all his fault.

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“Never let a man disrespect u in any way,” she wrote in one tweet. “I only cheated myself. so glad to be free from all the drugs, depression and confrontation.”

Dot had also denied accusations of being violent towards her or any other woman.

“In light of public threats, false allegations and attempts to slander my name and character, I am compelled to speak up,” he wrote on Instagram. “Because my nature is peaceful, I’ve been silent out of respect for all involved, and to maintain my privacy. However, I believe the truth must be heard, which is that I’ve never been violent or abusive towards any woman in my life. Such behavior is abhorrent to me and far from how I conduct myself. Moving forward, I will continue to focus on my family, friends and music, and soon enough the entire truth shall come to light.”

See a copy of Aiko’s divorce filing, courtesy Bossip.

Jhene Aiko files for divorce