The past few days have been full of rumors of a relationship between singers Drake and Jennifer Lopez, and now they are no longer rumors.

Ladies and gentlemen, DraLo is officially a thing.

The rumors had been backed by photos of the two cuddling on a couch, but indisputable evidence presented itself at the Winter Wonderland Prom in Las Vegas.

The duo were all over each other at the party, kissing, cuddling, dancing and packing on PDA after PDA.

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It was so much, they had to be crowned Prom King and Queen of the night. Such cuteness.

Cute love gif

this had me so shook ? #JenniferLopez #Drake #JLovers #DraLo

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❤? @jlo #JenniferLopez #Drake #JLovers #DraLo

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In the background of these mushy videos is a new song reportedly by DraLo. There have been reports however that their “relationship” is only a publicity stunt for the relationship.

There have also been rumors that Drake is using J Lo as a weapon in his beef with her ex, P. Diddy.

But for now, we’re going to push all these rumors to the side, because we love DraLo!