Singer Azealia Banks has gotten herself suspended from Facebook following a number of not so public worthy posts.

This includes videos and photos of a bloodstained closet in her house, where she reveals she kills kitchens for her witchcraft.

The post drew criticism from a lot of people include singer Sia, who tweeted her disapproval.

“Sacrificing animals for your gain is the wackest s**t I’ve ever heard. Get ahead by being awesome, kind and working hard (sic),” the Cheap Thrills singer had posted.

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More recently, Banks insulted the entire South American country of Brazil, accusing them of begging for food and calling them “third-world freaks.”

She posted after that:  “I’m the queen of the Internet. This stuff is all so effortless. Sheesh. How I manage to make international news from the comfort of my toilet seat is honestly beyond me.”

Hell no gif

Facebook becomes the second social network to ban the controversial singer following her Twitter ban last year. Her Twitter ban was for hurling racist and sexist insults at singer Zayn Malik.

There have been some reports claiming she wasn’t banned, but deleted her page. I call bull. Who’s taking bets on how long it takes Instagram to ban her too?