Atlanta, one of the biggest TV shows to debut in 2016, is set to return this year.

Created by Donald Glover, the hit comedy series was instantly loved by fans, who have been clamoring for its return ever since.

The second season was however delayed because of Glover’s schedule with Star Wars, where he plays  Lando Calrissian.

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FX has now announced that season 2 of Atlanta, titled Atlanta Robbin’ Season, will premiere on the Thursday March 1, 2018.

Glover reprises his role as Earn Marks, a young manager trying to get his cousin’s (Brian Tyree Henry) rap career off the ground while juggling a friendship with his cousin’s right hand man Darius (Lakeith Lee Stanfield), a relationship with his best friend and mother to his child Van (Zazie Beetz), and of course fatherhood.

The show has already recorded success, winning Best Directing and Best Actor in a Comedy Series for Glover at the Emmys.