Cool FM on-air personality, Freeze, has accused Nathaniel Bassey of using the #HallelujahChallenge for his own personal promotion.

The #HallelujahChallenge has gone viral on social media, with thousands of users coming together for one hour every night to praise God.

Bassey announced the release of a song titled Olowogbogboro, and many people, including Freeze, claimed this was his aim from the beginning of the challenge.

Unlike other leaders, my followers don’t have the intelligence quotients of primitive marsupials. #Onibaranbolebo?? ~FRZ – #Repost @lolaabdul_la ・・・ Totally saw this coming right from the beginning and I recall telling people its a huge promotion leading up to something… I tried so hard to explain that Nathaniel is building a big promotion platform, that social media is powerful tool and you just have to know how to exploit it….. Interestingly, I was not even judging or anything…. I was actually impressed by Nathaniel’s ability to own Instagram space and pull off such publicity with the Hallelujah challenge…. I believed he was about to find a way to sell gospel music and I was actually hoping he will succeed…. However, it’s always interesting to note that anything related to religion is not to be questioned or discussed on this side of the planet…. You are just supposed to take it and agree to it as it is presented to you without a single thought of your own no matter how intelligent or educated you are. In otherwords, when it is religious matter, you are to set your brain aside…. In fact, I was chastised by some of my people on the basis that it is wrong for me to see something about praising God and start thinking it relates to promotion or any money making venture for that matter…… I was even told the reason I raise queries about religious matter is because I don’t have faith…. The fact that I refused to lose my own sleep because of someone else’s money making venture even made it worse (yes, I refused all invitations to join the challenge)…. Meanwhile, here I was actually impressed that someone was about to find a way to sell gospel music….. Ah well, from those of us who question things that pique our interests whether it relates to religion or otherwise, congratulations Nathaniel, we hope you break bank with the number of downloads you will get from your new single; Olowogbogboro…. For those who are about to drop stupid comments, please don’t try it. Just waka pass. For the record, I am a Christian and I was born into a Methodist family. #MyPeopleSufferForLackOfKnowledge #FreeYourselfFromReligiousSlavery #FollowGod

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Funke Akindele, who has been a member of the challenge, hit back at Freeze for his criticism.

She wrote: “If someone gathers people together to praise God then it’s a positive thing. If he is inspired to release the song it is positive. Let’s always look at the positive side of things o. I’m happy for once social media is used in a positive way. @daddyfreeze suru o!!”

Freeze replied: “My dearest sister you know I love you and I can never argue with you in public. But the more you get to know me, you will know my words NEVER fail. Ask my followers, nothing I have ever told them has failed to come to pass. I am a spiritual being, a servant of the most high God. I don’t lie! I appreciate the praise and the music. But I can’t see the truth and turn away. If I do, who will say it as it is? God bless and keep you my dear. You are one of the only people I can never get angry or upset with and I will continue to pray and prophesy great things into your life?”