Disney studios has become victims of ransom hackers, who have stolen upcoming movie, Pirates Of The Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales.

This was revealed by Disney CEO Bob Iger at a a company town hall meeting on Monday.

Iger revealed that the hackers wanted an enormous amount of money be paid to Bitcoin. The company is however working with the FBI, and has no plans to pay the ransom.

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The hackers have threatened to release 5-minute segments of the entire movie, if their demands are not met.

Though Iger did not disclose the name of the stolen movie, Deadline has reported that the stolen movie is the fifth and final installment of the iconic Pirates Of The Caribbean series.

It’s similar to last month’s incident, when Netflix refused to pay a hacker who stole 10 episodes of Orange Is The New Black from a post-production company. The hacker eventually released the episodes on The Pirate Bay.

The Pirates of the Caribbean franchise has pulled in a whopping $3.72B worldwide since first launching in 2003.