Singer Harrysong has quit billionaire E-Money’s Five Star Music record label, moving on to set up his own music company, Alter Plate.

According to the Raggae Blues singer, his contract with Five Star Music expired, and he didn’t renew because he wanted to start something big for himself.

“When the contract expired, I aspired to grow to be able to express myself in another light. This is my vision. It’s a dream I had years ago and I’ve been nurturing it all through the years,” he said at the unveiling of Alter Plate.

His contract expiring might not have been the only cause for his exit. He had revealed in a previous interview how he felt he was underappreciated at the label.

“I was signed as an artiste under Five Star music for writing, music directing, vocal coaching,” he said in the interview with Planet TV.

“Doing all these for everyone – both Five Star and outside the platform – is not a problem for me. Sometimes it bothers me that we are beating farther than it is. What bothers me is not the work. What bothers me is the appreciation. You are helping someone but the person feels he’s helping you.

“You write a song for someone and the person is telling you that if I don’t sing your song, you won’t blow. It’s childishness. I don’t know,” he added. (Everyone thinks sub belongs to former label mate KCee, by the way).

Whatever the issues might have been, it’s all in the past as the 35-year old singer and songwriter is now fully focused on his own brand.

“We are unveiling a new platform, it’s a music platform. It’s not a label, its a music company owned by Harry Song,” he said in the interview.

He added at the launch: “I am excited about so many things but I must say that I am privileged to have metamorphosed into the man I am today; seeing my long awaited dream come to a reality.

“As a musician, I have invested so much in building the brand Harrysong, I have ferried across many waters in the course of my career and today, I can humbly say, it’s paying off.

“Given my deep rooted background in music and my continued love for the art, my biggest aspiration had always been to run a well together music company.

“While I nursed and held on to that dream over the years, I have had the opportunity of working with top decision makers in the Nigerian music industry from Question Mark records to Five Star Music.”

Congratulations, Harrysong. Looking forward to more Raggae Blues !