One of the most impressive celebrity weight losses in recent times has to be rapper Rick Ross.

The Maybach Music Group boss went from super fat just years ago…

Rick Ross

to really trim now…

Rick Ross

Rick Ross

And at the 2017 Grammys, told People the secret to his weight loss.

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“I’ve just really been eating a lot better, working out, staying RossFit [his version of CrossFit], and still enjoying myself,” Ross, 41, told PEOPLE. “I still eat my Wingstop, I still go to Checkers for a burger, but as a whole, the late-night steaks, and in the studio it was really easy for me to go crazy from 11 [p.m.] to 4 a.m. I just cut that out.”

He had never been uncomfortable about his size, but two seizures in 2011 and warnings from doctors to lose weight prompted this incredible journey.

You heard it, folks. Wanna lose that weight? Work out, and stop eating late!