Iyanya turned 30 on Monday,  and for one of the most eligible bachelors in Nigeria, the questions are beginning to rise.

What is Iyanya waiting for? Why won’t Iyanya get married? Is there no girl that he wants her waist?

Well, according to him, it’s hard finding a good girl, and fame isn’t making it any easier. He said in an interview with Premium Times:

You say you want a girl from the church, you go carry devil. If you say you want, a dancer you carry trouble.

I’m trying to be patient and its even harder now that I’m Iyanya. It’s extremely hard to find someone who truly cares for you when you are famous. You see, I probably fell in love with a girl two years ago and only to realise a year later that she was sleeping with my colleague.

How do you want me to marry that kind of girl? If I marry that kind of girl and my colleague leaks a sex tape he recorded with her in the future, the media will still feast on it. Maybe this is one of the things I regret. I should have gotten married way back when my late mum used to disturb me to settle down. But I was just 22 at the time. I’m not giving up on marriage or love I just want get music right.

Iyanya surprised the Nigerian entertainment industry on Monday when he announced that he was also signing a deal with Mavin Records. This is quite surprising as Iyanya… uhm… OWNS his own record label.

He’s the co-owner of Made Men Music Group, so how does this work? He refused to say in the interview, but said he “co-owned” the label, meaning something must have gone down.

When asked if he was still co-owner, he said: “That’s a long story for another day. But I co-owned the label and to be honest with you the entire underground work and logistics was Ubi’s. I respect him for that because he did a great job and I played my own part.”