Kanye West’s most recent studio album, The Life Of Pablo, has gone platinum, despite not selling a single CD.

The album became the first album ever to reach platinum status from only streams. According to the Recording Industry Association of Nigeria, 1500 streams count as one album sold.

The album was released exclusively to TIDAL in February, and became the first LP to peak at number one on Billboard from streams only.

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The album has already been streamed 3 billion times globally, according to Def Jam. 1.5 billion of those streams came from the United States.

The album was briefly up for sale on Kanye’s personal website, and the minute number of sales it garnered there disqualified the album from becoming the first streaming-only album to chart in the Billboard Top 200 and the first streaming-only album to be nominated for or win a Grammy.

Both of those belong to Chance The Rapper and his Coloring Book mixtape, by the way.