Rapper Gucci Mane has released a new mixtape titled Free Bricks: Zone 6 Edition, a sequel to his 2011 mixtape, Free Bricks.

The mixtape is a surprise release, and is a collaboration with superstar trapper, Future. According to Gucci, the collaboration with his fellow Atlanta native was just spontaneous.

“Last night, me and Future met up in Atlanta,” he said in an interview with Miss Info. “We ditched our entourages, we didn’t book my usual studio, or his usual studio. It’s like we knew we wanted to fly under the radar. There was like this positive competition in the room. I’d hear him go in on a verse, and I knew I had to step up. He would say, the same back, and we knocked out six songs so crazy that I knew we couldn’t just sit on it. We talked about recording some more, adding more songs. But I didn’t want to over think it or over plan things. Even Future didn’t think we were dropping this tonight. This is the freshest it can get. These joints ain’t even 24 hours old. That’s like bringing you in the studio with us.”

Listen to Free Bricks: Zone 6 Edition below!