The Nigerian Police surprised many people when commissioner Imohimi Egdal revealed that Burna Boy was suspected as the mastermind of the Mr. 2Kay robbery.

Edgal announced in a statement that the suspects in custody had named Burna Boy and his manager Joel Kantioch as the people who hired and paid them.

In an interview with Vanguard, Mr. 2kay’s manager Silas, claimed the issue stemmed from when 2Kay had cautioned Burna Boy over a tweet.

He said: “The arrested suspects confessed that Burna Boy contracted them through a third party to teach Mr. 2Kay a lesson because he granted HipTV an interview, where he corrected Burna Boy for saying negative things about Nigerian pastors.

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“2Kay only said Burna Boy shouldn’t have spoken ill of pastors because they are anointed men of God so he can’t be talking about them in that manner.

“After the interview, Burna Boy sent a message saying ‘You better have that energy when I come for you because I’m coming for you.’

“We thought it was just an empty threat but unknown to us he was serious about it. All along we didn’t want to talk about it because the police are still doing their investigations.

“His father was at the station yesterday (Monday), so Burna Boy just has to appear at the station to clarify himself”, he said.

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Speaking further, he expressed fear for the safety of his life and members of his team.

He said; “We just have to watch our backs because we’re not safe. Mr. 2Kay will always have security around him, two bodyguards and police protection for every event he goes for now.”

However, he confirmed that the camp has no intentions to press charges against Burna Boy because he is a peace loving person.

“Mr. 2Kay does not want any form of trouble, left to him alone he would drop all charges. But for now it’s left to the police, they have the right to do whatever. On our own end, I don’t think we’re going to press charges”.