Phyno and Olamide have apologized to their fans in Toronto, Canada, after they failed to turn up for a concert in the North American city.

The superstar rappers had arrived the city, but didn’t take the stage to perform. The MC then claimed that Phyno was sick, and that Olamide was taking care of him, throwing the venue into disarray as fans began throwing chairs.

In a statement today, Phyno denied being sick, and stated that they didn’t perform because the show promoters didn’t meet their end of the deal.

The statement reads: “We humbly apologize to our fans who bought tickets for The Culture Tour in Canada.

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“Olamide and Phyno love and adore their fans and did everything within their power to ensure they performed at the event. However the promoter Prince George Entertainment defaulted on the our agreement.

“It was announced at the venue during the show that Phyno was sick and he couldn’t perform which is a lie. Phyno wasn’t sick and was/is in good health. Olamide and Phyno met up with all obligations to make the event a success and where present in Canada ready to perform but the promoter Prince George Entertainment refused to honor our agreement.

“Our humble apologies once more as we understand a lot of fans sacrificed so much to be at the event.