Phyno has revealed that legal action has begun over the controversy surrounding himself, American singer Pia Mia, and producer Decarlo. 

Both Phyno and Pia Mia have songs titled I’m A Fan, both produced by Decarlo. 

Decarlo had come out to claim Pia Mia’s version was the authorized one, even though Phyno’s version came out months before.

Speaking to Soundcity’s Moet Abebe in a radio interview, Phyno revealed that Pia Mia was the person to comment now because she released her song after his.

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For now I think this question is meant for Pia Mia to answer, cos I released my song before her. Secondly, like my whole legal team, already told me to stay calm ’cause some things are happening underground right now, that nobody knows about, about this particular issue… It’s been more sensitive than people see it. It’s more than a social media chant.

He added: “The one I won’t even tolerate is for some dumb blog to come out and turn the whole story against me for something that they do not know about. Every name mentioned in the news that they’ve brought out, I don’t know them. With time everyone will know what’s happening.”

Watch the video of the interview below.