Rapper Kanye West was hospitalized yesterday following a medical emergency, and Piers Morgan has blamed wife Kim Kardashian for it.

Piers Morgan, who was writing in his Daily Mail column, said because of Kanye’s continued exposure to the Kardashian family, it was only going to be a while before he broke down.

“I can’t say I was entirely surprised by the news. Like many, I’ve become severely exhausted myself just trying to keep up with him.

“For the past 18 months, the rap superstar has behaved in an increasingly erratic and bizarre manner.”

He admitted that Kanye had however been a controversial figure long before his interaction before his involvement with the Kardashians, citing his public rant against George Bush after Hurricane Katrina, and his hijacking of Taylor Swift’s award speech at the 2009 VMAs.

Morgan then touched on Kanye’s recent “concert madness” and his subsequent hospitalization, saying the cause was much more than what was being reported in the media.

“But I suspect the truth is that he’s suffering from a far more dangerous health hazard: fame addiction.

“Not content with being one of the world’s most famous entertainers, he set out to seduce and marry Kim Kardashian, thus deliberately implanting himself right into the heart of a 24/7 reality television goldfish bowl.

“There’s no escape from such a fatuous, fickle world.

“It’s an unstoppable, deeply cynical beast that needs constant feeding.

“There can never be enough drama, attention-seeking antics, showing off, bling-blasting, and transparently fake ‘look at my perfect universe’ bulls**t.

“Kanye West had no need to be part of it.

“He’s a wondrously talented musician who already had a great career.

“But he couldn’t stop himself, because in Kim Kardashian and her family he identified a bunch of people just as fame-hungry as him.”

He ended his piece with some harsh advice for Kanye:

“‘I will go down as the voice of this generation,’ you once said. ‘I will be the loudest voice.’

“Right now, Kanye, you’re just the loudest noise and we’re all getting bored with you.

“It’s time to get some sleep, and get real.”

What do you think? Is Morgan spot on or is this just another pointless rant.