Fox has confirmed that it is developing a “new iteration” for hit TV show, Prison Break. 

Fox Entertainment President Michael Thorn has told reporters: “We are developing a new iteration of Prison Break. It’s very early stages of development, but we’re really excited about it.”

“We just heard the pitch…a couple of weeks ago, an approach to the next chapter,” he added. “But we don’t even have an outline for the pilot yet. I fully expect both brothers will be involved in the series, assuming that they’re all available. There’s a lot to figure out when you’re bringing back the cast of a show where they all have busy careers.”

There’s no official word yet on if the show will continue from where it stopped, or if will be a brand new story line.

Fox Chairman and CEO Gary Newman was pushed to answer the vital questions, telling Entertainment Weekly: “No, it would not be an entirely new cast.

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“It’s very early at this stage. Paul Scheuring had an idea for another season, and he came and pitched it to Michael and the team.

“They were excited about it, but it’s super early. We haven’t seen any written materials at all.”

The actor who plays Michael Schofield, Wentworth Miller, hasn’t shied away from a potential sixth season, telling EW: “I wouldn’t rule it out. I feel like there’s more story there and now we’re talking about multiple generations.

“There are a lot of different directions that we could go, but I’m not in favour of exploring any of that unless there’s something awesome that we can sink our teeth into.”