One of the most controversial singers ever, R. Kelly, is finally responding to all the allegations against him.

His response comes in the form of a 19-minute long song titled I Admit, which was released on Monday morning.

“I never thought it would come to this, to be the most disrespected artist/ So I had to write a song about this, ’cause they always take my words and twist it/
Believe me, its hard to admit all this, but I’m in my feelings about this sh–/ But I had to set the f—in’ record straight,” he sings on the song.

He denies most of what he’s been accused of and claims the allegations are spread by people who are envious of his success. “How they gon’ say I don’t respect these women, when all I’ve done is represent / Take my career and turn it upside down, ’cause you mad I’ve got some girlfriends,” he sings.

One of the biggest allegations against him was that he was a pedophile, and he neither confirms or denies that on the song.  He sings: “I admit I f— with all the ladies, that’s both older and young ladies/ But tell me how they call it pedophile, because that sh– is crazy.”

“You may have your opinions, entitled to your opinions/ But really am I supposed to go to jail or lose my career because of your opinion/ Yeah, go ahead and stone me, point your finger at me/ Turn the world against me, but only God can mute me,” he continues.

On the allegations of him running and operating a sex cult, he described them as plain silly. “Said I’m abusing these women, what the f— that’s some absurd sh–/ They’re brainwashed, really?/ Kidnapped, really?/ Can’t eat, really?/ Real talk, that sh– sound silly.”

The iconic singer also revealed that he’d been a victim of sexual abuse. “Now, I admit a family member touched me/ From a child to the age 14/ While I laid asleep, took my virginity.”

Listen to the song below.

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