Iconic Nollywood actor Ramsey Nouah has covered the latest edition of Guardian Life.

Known for his lover boy roles, Nouah spoke to the magazine about raising a family as a famous actor, and its impact on his kids.

He said to the magazine: “When you think about that and you still want to let everyone know about your family, you run a risk of having to explain every day to your kids and wife in situations why they have to be a bit more accommodating, contained and more enduring. Not everyone can be as enduring and potentially have thick skin that we have developed over the years.”

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He also shared his thoughts on the current state of Nollywood, and if there was a new Nollywood.

He says: “I don’t believe in it, I think it’s the same Nollywood. It is just changing, I call it growth…there’s been like a wavy unbalanced growth for Nollywood and it’s still ongoing. You can’t really say because of that say it is established that there is one industry called old Nollywood and there’s another called industry called new Nollywood. It’s just a transition into a new phase, a new beginning, new generation, new style and it takes everyone along.”

You can read his full interview with Guardian Life here. See his photos below!

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