Police have three robbers suspected to have attacked comedian Basketmouth at his home in Lekki Phase 1 on the 7th of September 2016.

The robbers, who stole valuables from the famed comedian, were paraded at the state Police Command headquarters, Ikeja on Saturday.

“Anytime I come to Lagos, I take my gang to vandalise vehicles and steal auto parts. We normally targeted Toyota and Honda vehicles,” the leader, 24-year old Chibuzor Ugwu.

“But the day we robbed Basketmouth’s house, we had operated on some vehicles in the area that day. We then peeped into a compound and saw a very nice car. When we gained access into the compound, we realised we could make more money by robbing the occupants of the house.

Robbers who attacked Basketmouth

Robbers who attacked Basketmouth

Robbers who attacked Basketmouth

“We then used a bolt cutter to enter through the kitchen. It was when we entered the house that we realised that it was Basketmouth’s house. We saw the pictures of him and his family on the wall.”

They had hoped that someone so famous would have lots of money in his house, but were disappointed when he actually had none.

“We thought we were going to find millions of naira at the house. He was begging us not to hurt his family. He said he did not keep cash at home. But we told him to cooperate so that we would just operate peacefully and leave.

“We searched the whole apartment and found nothing. We only got a $200 note in his wallet along with the mobile phones in the house which he handed to us.

“Eventually we left with the little we could find, we were not ready to hurt him because it was clear he was telling the truth when we searched everywhere and found no money.

“We sold the phones to a friend, Osama at the Computer Village in Ikeja and the gun I took to the operation was purchased for N80,000 in Benue State.”

The suspects are going to be arraigned soon, according to Lagos state commissioner of police, Fatai Owoseni.