Actor and singer Igwe Tupac has revealed that he plans to release a new single in the next few weeks.

Igwe Tupac, who gained popularity as an actor, released his first single last year, Amo Shine. He’s however not quitting Nollywood, but only exploring his options.

He said: “My movie career is still very much on course; I only decided to do music to explore my other talents. I released my first song, Amo Shine, last year, but ever since I returned from the US, I’ve been busy, so I haven’t had time to face my music.

“However, I have a single that would be released in a matter of weeks. The reception to Amo Shine has been quite amazing and encouraging; that was what gave me the confidence to do other songs, considering that it was the first time I ever did music. It was even because of the song that I got invited to a lot of shows. I performed in about six cities across the United States because of this song.”

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He also responded to people who hate on his Instagram antics and call him unserious because of his “Shove it up your ass” tagline.

He said: “Putting ‘Shove it up your a**e’ on all my Instagram posts is a way of promoting the song even before it drops, and that’s what people know me for. I don’t agree that it is boring. If it is boring, people wouldn’t be begging me to post their videos on my page with the hashtag. My fans love what I’m doing, so I cannot stop it.

“For the people who say that I’m desperate for attention; social media has been of such great help to this generation. People use it for different things but I decide to use it to promote my music and movie career. However, I’ve already been known before the advent of Instagram, so what attention am I seeking for? Whatever I do on my page is nobody’s business, and if you don’t like it, you don’t have to visit the page.

“They say talk is cheap and without criticism, there wouldn’t be success in one’s life. The boxer, Floyd Mayweather, who just made $300m in a night, said he has been criticised on quite a number of occasions but he keeps pushing, and that’s the most important thing. Regardless of what people say, I will keep doing my thing because I know where I’m heading to. When I say ‘haters shove it up you’re a**e,’ it is not a joke. If you look at my career now, you will see that the love overpowers the hate; people appreciate me more.”