One of the most talked about topics on social media in recent days is the emergence of a character named Hushpuppi, and his short beef with Davido.

Hushpuppi is a Malaysia-based Nigerian, whose source of income is yet unknown. He created a stir after he spent over N11 million in one night at popular night club, Quilox.

Showing off his “feat” on social media, he threw subtle shades at Davido, saying he was a Baba Olowo, not an Omo Baba Olowo, Davido’s popular nickname.

Hushpuppi shows off spending

Of course, Davido wasn’t going to take this lightly, and showed off bank transactions that detailed how he withdrew N130 million in just a month.

Davido threatened Hushpuppi that it was only the beginning, advising him to leave the country before it got too hot for him.

Davido replies Hushpuppi Davido replies Hushpuppi Davido replies Hushpuppi

Both have however now made up, bringing the short but financially draining spat to an end.

While fans calculated and debated as to which spending feat was more impressive, there was one clear winner in all this: Quilox owner Shina Peller. 

The son of popular magician Professor Peller, Shina Peller has built the Quilox brand into Nigerian’s most luxurious night club, attracting both top celebrities and politicians.

While Davido and Hushpuppi were spending their money away, Mr. Peller was there to collect it with open arms.