One of the first musicians from the south-south to make a nationwide impact, Timaya was known for his dreadlocks and his anti-hater lyrics around Nigeria.

He took off the dreadlocks  last year, and revealed in a recent interview with Punch that the dreadlocks were only part of his image then.


Timaya before he took out his dreadlocks

“I never knew I could love anyone the way I love my daughters,” Timaya said, revealing that being a father inspired a change of image. “My first daughter is my best friend. I didn’t know what I wanted when I had her. But I knew I wanted to rebrand. So I had to take off the dreadlock.”

“My dreadlock was a strategy. I wanted people to see me as a rude boy. I couldn’t have been giving all those trouble with a calm and clean face. I wanted a look that would associate with it.  Now, people come to me and I smile.

“I was happy I was controversial and I was being talked about. I used to struggle to be known before then and I desperately wanted to be known. Finally, they started talking about me. People felt I was troublesome. Some felt I was controversial. Even those who didn’t know my music knew my name. When I had got what I wanted, I felt it was time for me to rebrand.”

He also spoke about his marriage plans, revealing that he had no intentions of getting married anytime soon.

“I am not getting married soon. My life is a journey. My career is my journey. I didn’t lie to my baby mama when she was pregnant; I told her I wasn’t ready to get married. I never said I wasn’t going to get married. But at the moment, I am not ready. When she told me she was pregnant, I accepted the pregnancy. She told me she hoped I wasn’t going to be like other musicians who had kids from different women. I told her no. My two kids are from same woman. I know what I am doing.”