Singer Trey Songz spent one of his last nights of 2016 in jail after throwing a tantrum at the Big Show At The Joe concert at the Joe Louis Arena in Detroit.

The promoters of the show had warned the R&B crooner that once his time was up, they were going to cut him off, done or not.  True to their words, as soon as Trey’s set entered overtime, they flipped the switch.

Trey Songz, 32, was mad (despite the fact that he was repeatedly warned), and proceeded to enter Hulk mode. He threw things into the crowd and kicked in a speaker. He threw around a lot of sound equipment, and even ripped a drum open.

Hulk smash gif

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Those who were at the show weren’t exactly surprised (or they shouldn’t have been, anyways). He had said he was going to go “crazy” if he  was cut off mid-performance.

“They say they’re gonna cut my mic off because I’m taking too much time. If they cut me off, text whoever you want to and tweet whoever you want to and tell whoever you want to about it. But if a n**** cut me off I’m going the fuck crazy, ya understand?”

When police came on stage to subdue him, he hit a sergeant and gave him a concussion. He was booked on malicious destruction of property and resisting and obstructing arrest charges.