Just days after dropping his latest project, DC4, Philadelphia rapper Meek Mill has released a second video for a song off the tape.

Meek dropped the official video for Shine on Tuesday afternoon, and decided to give fans even more to ogle over by dropping the video for The Difference, which features Quavo.

Our favorite hyperactive rapper, Desiigner also makes a cameo in the video, showing his moves alongside Meek Mill and Quavo, while making his patent “brrrrrrrrr yaaa” sound (I think I did my best converting that to English alphabets).

Both rappers pose in a 2016 Rolls Royce Wraith with the doors open as they rap and brag about how there’s a difference between us and them. The hook of the song goes:

“You got a bag and I got a bag but they know the difference
If you talking cash and I’m talking cash but they know the difference”

In a recent interview while promoting the tape, Meek Mill revealed he couldn’t understand why people hated on his relationship with girlfriend, Nicki Minaj.

“Everyone goes after Nicki with me, and I don’t get it,. That’s supposed to be a bad thing? My lady’s a go-getter. Is that a bad thing? Yeah, I’m on my girl’s tour. We getting right every night. She’s probably making 450 or some s— like that. It’s lit.”

They just jealous, Meek. They know you’re different. Watch the video for Difference below!