Netflix is making a biopic on the college days of US president Barack Obama. The biopic is titled Barry, and we have the first full trailer here.

Obama is a graduate of Columbia University where he went by as Barryand Barry tells the story of his journey through the school, as well as life as a young black man in America.

Barry also touches on the personal parts of Obama’s life, including his love for hip hop and music, with actor Devon Terrell playing the young version of the iconic President.

Barry was written by Columbia University alumni Dam Mansbach, and directed by Vice director, Vikram Gandhi. Gandhi said about the movie back in September: “There’s a feeling of, this is a decent human, like a good person being before being a great person. I think that is something we are all going to miss. I just never imagined that we would miss him so much because I never imagined a man named Trump would ever be possibly elected.

Obama’s life seems to be fodder for great visual masterpieces. There’s already a film about his first date with wife Michelle, titled Southside With You.

Watch the trailer for Barry below: