Fuji singer Wasiu Alabi Pasuma has apologized for calling fellow singer Alao Malaika his boy.

Pasuma had playfully called Malaika “my boy” recently while congratulating him on his new mansion.  Malaika’s fans had taken it as an insult while Pasuma’s fans stood their grounds that Malaika is indeed a boy to Pasuma.

In a bid to calm the tension and avert any violence, Pasuma recorded a video on social media, apologizing for the comment and pleading for peace.

“I don’t want to end this year in a controversy, and we have to handle every situation maturely,” he says in the video.

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He adds, “If that is what is causing problem at the moment, Malaika fans I’m sorry. Pasuma fans take it easy. God bless everybody.”

Watch the video below.