Actress Viola Davis won the award for Best Supporting Actress on Sunday for her role in the drama, Fences.

The huge win gave her an huger feat: She became the first black woman ever to win the Triple Crown of Acting.

The Triple Crown of Acting refers to the three major TV/movie awards; The Oscars, The Emmys and the Tonys.

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Davis had won an Emmy for her outstanding role in How To Get Away With Murder, and has two Tonys, including one for the Broadway rendition of Fences.

This is a very elite category, with only 23 people in history have ever achieved this feat, including legends like Al Pacino and Helen Mirren.

The first black woman to actually win all three awards was Whoopi Goldberg, but her Tony award was for production, and not acting.

The accolades don’t end there for Davis. She’s now also, the only black woman ever, to have won an Oscar, an Emmy, a Tony, a Golden Globe, a SAG, and a BAFTA award.

Greatest? We think so too.