Not everybody is academically inclined, and one of those people is superstar singer Wizkid.

Once a student of the Lagos State University, Wizkid transferred in his second year to the Lead City University, where he finally dropped out to pursue his music career.

While at LASU however, Wizkid’s results were bad. Like really, really bad.

According to a photo that surfaced on the internet today, Wizkid failed 6 of the 14 courses he took at the school, getting an E in 6 more.

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His CGPA at the time of leaving the school was 0.91, which earned him a ‘not graduating’ status.

Wizkid LASU result

Well, Wizkid certainly won’t be one of those Nigerian fathers who tell their kids they were first in every class.

He however holds education in a high regard, as he said back in 2012: “I don’t regret stopping school for a bit because it did give me all the time to push and work on my music. I’m definitely going back to school. Education is very necessary and I hold it in high esteem.’’

This conveniently comes after Wizkid threw shade at Davido’s “frog voice” on Twitter, and I can’t help but think O.B.O has something to do with this.

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