Sony (for the 1483721th time) gave us a fresh take of the friendly neighborhood superhero with Spider-Man: Homecoming. Read our review of it below.

Of course, there a few spoilers, so yeah, you were warned.

No more Uncle Ben (and we’re happy for him)

For once, Sony decides to spare us the sad tale of Uncle’s Ben death and how Spider-Man gets his powers. In all honesty, that man has died enough times, and he doesn’t deserve to die anymore. Instead, we’re greeted by a Spider-Man already aware of his powers, and it creates more time for the more awesome stuff. Though, it’s sad we don’t get to hear the iconic “With great power comes great responsibility” line.

The Spidey suit is super awesome!

Spider-Man has a new suit designed by Tony Stark, and its awesome. Hell, Spider-Man can glide now. Like he’s now Spider-Bat-Man or something. And when he gets his best friend to unlock the suit’s full configurations, oh boy.

Supporting cast (but Zendaya in particular) were dope, dope, dope.

For everyone who’s watched Spider-Man: Homecoming, I’m pretty sure Zendaya Coleman was among their top three characters in the movie. The 20-year old actress brought the perfect amount of beauty, charm, wit and laughter to the movie (I know it sounds like I’m in love with her already. I’m actually not.) There are already rumors that her character could grow bigger in future Spider-Man movies, and that would not be a surprise.

A very unexpected plot twist

We’ve known superhero movies for their action sequences and all over the years, not for their story lines. In Homecoming however, there’s a sick little plot twist that leaves you like

Wow gif.

I won’t say more than that, before you kill me.

Marvel keeps the Marvel Cinematic Universe connected, and it’s pretty rad.

Spiderman: Homecoming s the 14th movie in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and it links all the way back to Marvel’s The Avengers. It’s pretty nice to see Marvel connecting the franchise’s multiple heroes. The table is set nicely for Avengers: Infinity War, and we surely can’t wait for that.

Movie score: 85%.