Cam’ron has replied Ma$e’s The Oracle diss track with his own diss track, Dinner Time. Listen to it below.

Ma$e fired the first lyrical shots on Friday with the release of The Oracle, and after mouthing off on Instagram, Cam comes back with the fire.

“You done opened up a door, I’m pretty ready for war/I ain’t got a sister, only sister I f*cked was yours,” spits Cam, responding to Ma$e’s line that he had sex with his sister.

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He also took shots at Ma$e’s Harlem roots, and accused him of being a fraudulent pastor.

“Why you talking Harlem? You from Jacksonville, Florida
I used to give you all my clothes don’t you forget you was bummy
I fed you when you was hungry, that’s just dummy
But the shit he said next, I swear it ain’t funny
Said kid, ‘I’m a deacon, them deacons be getting money’
That’s blasphemous, word to Jesus and Lazarus
You got bad karma, stay away, he hazardous
Collection plate, money in his pocket, he a klepto”

Listen to Dinner Time below.