A first year student of the University of Lagos, identified as Temitope Omolara, has died under mysterious circumstances.

According to reports, Omolara had left the school’s campus with an unidentified man, and had returned feeling very sick.

She had reportedly been seen vomiting blood, and eventually died on the 23rd of March, 2017. She passed on at an undisclosed hospital, and was buried on the 25th of March.

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In a statement by the Public Relations Officer of the university, Mr Toyin Adebule, the school denied reports that Omolara had died in the school’s medical center.

It also denied reports that students had been evicted from the hostels over the incident.

“Information available so far indicates that she called someone (some say, relations, others say male) to come and pick her from the hall. Later information filtered into the hall that she had died” the statement reads.

“I wish to state that the story about the Medical Centre is false. Definitely, the incident did not happen in the medical centre contrary to the claim in the Twitter massage. Lastly, there is no formal report from the hall to the DSA on the incident. Therefore, no action could have been taken to eject the bona fide student as claimed. Let me state categorically here that no student has been ejected from the hall over this matter. At this moment our thoughts are with the family.”