Lagos state government plans to make sure the state has 24-hour power supply by 2022, governor Akinwunmi Ambode has revealed.

Ambode met with stakeholders in the public and private sector,  who made up the Embedded Power Technical Committee.

Ambode said:  “The sustainable solution is one that involves the commitment and resources of all stakeholders in the power value chain.

“The overall objective of our intervention is to ensure energy security for Lagos by generating up to 3,000MW of power through accelerated deployment of embedded power plants in strategic locations in the state within three to seven years.

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“350MW will be delivered by Q1 2018, additional 850MW by Q4 2018, and the balance of 1,800MW not later than Q3 2022.

“The reason why we embarked on this initiative is that we believe strongly that if the power problem is solved in Lagos, it is technically solved in the whole of the country and so because Lagos has more or less tested a solution that works, we can scale this up and also address it on a national scale.

“The problem of power in Nigeria is the problem of transmission and that is the truth. Yes, we have generating companies and we have distributing companies and they say power is in the hands of the private sector but we know technically that that is not totally true.

“So, if that works for 48 kilowatts, can we put Lagos into clusters and actually use embedded power initiative to drive the business of Lagos? That is what this initiative is all about and I want to thank all the stakeholders for submitting their business template into what government sees as the right step to take so that we can join hands together to say in the next two to five years, we can actually power Lagos and then grow our GDP.”