A son of the late politician Bola Ige has praised him on the occasion of the 15th remembrance of his assassination.

Bola Ige was an Attorney-General and Minister of Justice when he was alive, and the masterminds of the assassination are still not known till today. Speaking at the event, Muyiwa Ige said his father died for Nigeria, a country which didn’t deserve it.

He had been murdered in his house in Ibadan, Oyo, on the 23rd of December, 2001.

Muyiwa, a former Commissioner for Lands and Physical Planning in Osun State said:

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“We thank God for his mercies. We thank God for wonderful legacies. It has not been easy but God has kept us on and by the grace of God, all the perpetrators behind his (Ige) death, God will deal with them. It was my father’s death that took away my mother some 20 months later.

“But whether the country wants to immortalise my father or not, I don’t care inasmuch as the State Government of Osun has named a university after my father, which is massive.

“It is the highest level of immortalisation. The road in this community is about 5km and it is named after my dad. There is a Bola Ige Information Technology Centre in Abuja. There are streets in Oyo State named after him.

“My father believed in Nigeria. He said Nigeria was worth living and dying for. The truth of the matter is, once your heart is in the right place, Project Nigeria is worth pursuing for all of us. Death is what we all owe and he paid the price for democracy to thrive.

“I am not so sure that Nigeria is worth dying for; however, we all have a responsibility to ensure that we don’t waste our lives for Nigeria.”