Former Lagos state governor Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu has revealed that he could, someday, possibly, run for President.

The health of current president Muhammad Buhari has thrown the All Progressive Congress’ plans for 2019 into disarray, and Tinubu has revealed it’s possible he steps up.

In a video by Sahara Reporters recorded at the inauguration of new Ondo governor, Rotimi Akeredolu, the APC chief spoke about Buhari’s health, and also his future ambitions.

“An honest man disclosed to you that he is going to leave, he is going to have a medical check-up, he has disclosed that he needed more time,” he said on Buhari’s health.

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“He has told you, he has told us honestly that he needed medical attention. What his doctors will discuss after that is subject to experts who should not be discussed until he is ready to disclose it. He told us that he cannot return now, what else do you want him to do.”

When pressed about him running for President, he said:  “You see there is nothing wrong with such ambition.

“It depends on the timing and the environment and what political leadership dictates. I will not brush aside such an aspiration.

“It has been historical even that Buhari tried first, second, third, and fourth before he got it,” he said.

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“Resilience, determination, and clarity of purpose. Maybe as a senator, maybe as a president, you cannot rule it out.

“How can I rule such a thing out, the opportunity to service my country but you only do that when there is a vacancy.”

What do you think? Bola Tinubu as President? 2019 is looking lit already. Watch the video below.