Iconic Hollywood actor Steven Seagal has now been accused of sexual assault by two different women.

One of the women, Faviola Dadis, said the incident occurred back in 2002, when she was just a 17-year old model.

She spoke at a news conference in Los Angeles, claiming Seagal sexually assaulted her at a supposed casting session in a Beverly Hills hotel room.

Dadis said Seagal reached under her bikini top, grabbed her nipples and then grabbed her genitals soon after the audition began. She said she promptly ended the audition and left deeply shaken.

“I have suffered from depression, anxiety and post-traumatic stress, have found it difficult to form trusting relationships with men,” Dadis said through tears as she read from a written statement.

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She recently filed a report with police, and Los Angeles prosecutors said on Monday that her case is under review.

Dadis said she was inspired by the recent wave of reports of sexual misconduct by men in the entertainment industry, and was spurred to come forward especially by actress Portia de Rossi saying Seagal once unzipped his pants during an audition with her.

Actress Jenny McCarthy has also said Seagal sexually harassed her at an audition in 1995.

Seagal’s attorney Anthony Falangetti said the actor adamantly denies the allegations.

“These claims by the two women who spoke today are completely fictitious and totally made up,” Falangetti told The Associated Press in a phone interview later on Monday.

He said it was implausible that either woman ended up unaccompanied with Seagal in the ways they said they were. “Neither one of their accounts is at all believable,” Falangetti said.

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