Self-acclaimed Area Fada, Charly Boy has responded to various news reports that he tattooed his scrotum, tagging them as false.

In a recent interview, he stated that all he did was pierce them, and not tattoo them as was widely reported.

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He said, “News of people committing suicide is what people should focus on not what I do with my body. I just tattooed the names of all my children on my left arm. I did not do that on my balls. If I tattoo my genitals, who would see it? I only pierced it. It is not everything that is online that one should believe.”

He also revealed that he was working on a movement called “Mumu Don Do” ahead of the 2019 general elections.

“I am a volunteer in the Mumu Don Do movement and that takes a lot of my time. We are doing a lot of sensitisation right now and trying to have more allies. It is not a political movement, it is just to jar youths out of their docility to begin to show their frustration with the status quo. If young people don’t come together, it means we would be in the same situation in 2019. It is important to always speak up against what you’re not comfortable with.”