Davido recently got followed by Cristiano Ronaldo on Instagram, and he excitedly showed it off on his page.

All my guys call me @cristiano !! ???????? MADRID HERE I COME !! ?

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Yeah, I know how Davido feels. I remember how excited I was when Sauce Kid followed me on Twitter back in the days. Shit had me bragging me to my friends that I was Sinzu’s new manager and we had sleepovers with pillow fights on Thursday nights.

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So yes, David (we’re on a first name basis now. Just free), we do get your excitement. What we don’t like, however, is this banana that you keep throwing at us.

After supporting you for how many years, is it banana we deserve to fall on us? Couldn’t good leadership have fallen on us? Couldn’t a signed copy of all the Harry Potter books have fallen on us? Why banana? Why?

loud crying gif

We’re happy that you’re getting worldwide recognition, but please, no more bananas.