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Donald Trump To Make First Trip To Nigeria As President-Elect

Donald Trump

The President-Elect of the United States of America, Donald Trump, will reportedly be in Nigeria for the burial of late Chief Bennett Offor.

Chief Offor is the father of oil magnate Chief Emeka Offor, and the elaborate funeral is set to hold in his hometown of Oraifite, Anambra state.

With so many high profile guests attending the event, Offor has already warned that there will be a very high level of security at the event, and warned uninvited people not to attend.

The vice chairman of the burial committee, Mr. Tony Obi, also revealed that President Muhammad Buhari, as well as other African leaders, would grace the event.

According to Offor, “My father served the Nigerian Police meritoriously and retired after 35 years of service, so nobody will be allowed to come here and mess up his funeral. Security arrangements have been put in place to deal with miscreants.”

“Pickpockets would often sew uniform and infiltrate the funerals of rich persons in the State and steal people’s valuables, including telephone and money, but we are waiting for them in Oraifite, that day may be their last that will land them in prison, to be fore warned is to be fore armed.”

“My father was a very nice man, he gave me so much encouragement and everything you see me doing was initiated by him.He is a passionate philanthropist who would always like to see smiles on the faces of everyone that came in contact with him and I must tell you that most of the guys you see me hang out with were introduced to me by him.”


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