Iran has responded to US President Donald Trump’s executive immigration order by also banning US citizens from receiving visas.

Trump had announced the executive order, banning citizens of 7 Muslim countries — Iran, Iraq, Syria, Libya, Somalia, Sudan and Yemen — from entering the United States.

Iran has been the first of the countries to respond, announcing a similar retaliation.

“The US decision to restrict travel for Muslims to the US, even if for a temporary period of three months, is an obvious insult to the Islamic world and in particular to the great nation of Iran,” a statement by the Iranian foreign ministry read, per CNN.

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“Despite the claims of combating terrorism and keeping American people safe, it will be recorded in history as a big gift to extremists and their supporters.”

“Iran, to defend the dignity of the great Iranian nation, will implement the principle of reciprocity until the removal of the insulting restriction against Iranian nationals,” the statement added.

“It will apply corresponding legal, consular and political actions.”

Iran will only remove the ban when Trump reverses his decision.