The Nigerian Police continues to kick against the #EndSARS campaign on social media, this time starting a campaign in response.

The campaign is titled #SupportSARS, with the Nigerian Police claiming that officers of its Special Anti Robbery Squad are “good and disciplined”.

The Police Force posted on its Twitter account: “Irrespective of some infractions from few personnel of SARS who allegedly acted against the ethics of the Police Profession which are now being investigated, majority of Police personnel attached to SARS are good, sound, disciplined and commendable officers.

It added: “SARS personnel have been primarily instrumental to dropping the previously high rate of crime such as armed robbery across the country; we must not discountenance their good work – which they continue to do.

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Some people (or maybe fake accounts) have already shown support for the cause.

What do you think? #EndSARS or #SupportSARS?