The House of Representatives has revealed that the Nigerian Intelligence Agency still has to account for $202 million missing from its account.

The new amount was discovered when investigating another $44 million also missing from the agency’s account.

$43 million reportedly belonging to the agency was already found in an apartment in Ikoyi, Lagos.

Chairman of the Committee, Hon. Aminu Sani Jaji (APC Zamfara) said while investigating the missing $44 million as mandated by the House, a stunning discovery came to light that an additional $202 million is missing from the coffers of the NIA.

In a post-meeting briefing with reporters at the weekend, the committee chair said it was discovered that a total of $289 million was given to the NIA by the Goodluck Jonathan administration for “intervention”.

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According to him, the money was not appropriated by the National Assembly for the Agency.

“The NIA got the money for ‘intervention’ from the past administration. For whatever reason, the past DG, Ayo Oke failed to disclose to the present administration that we have this amount of money.,” he said.

He further said: “Even the National Security Adviser, said it was when our committee began its investigation, they got the information that the NIA got $289million.

“You know we had a meeting with the NSA today ( Friday) we later discovered since last week in our meeting with the past Acting DG NIA that the $44 million is not missing.

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“For now, I can categorically tell you the money is not missing. They only moved the money from one agency to another place pending when all the issues surrounding the agency is resolved.

“If you remember, there was this $44million which is among the $289million approved to the then Director-General, that is Ayo Oke. Just April last year, they discovered $43million in Ikoyi. He tried to say that the $44 million and $43million are part of the $289million.

But for us, we are still working to see where the remaining $202 million was placed. We only know about the $43million now, the one discovered in Ikoyi and the $44 million in their vault.

“In the course of our investigation, we’ll come up with where the $289m really is, not the $43m and not the $44m but the entire amount. For me, the money($202million) is still missing.

“If you subtract $43 million and $44 million from $289 million, then where is the balance? That’s why we’re where we are today. That is why we have to intensify our investigation.”