The whistle-blowers behind the discovery of $43 million dollars and much more in an Ikoyi flat have opened up about how the operation came together.

The Nigerian Intelligence Agency has since claimed ownership of the money, with Sahara Reporters now claiming that the woman seen carrying money into the flat was Folashade Oke, wife of the NIA’s Director General, Ayodele Oke. 

The website reported:

One of the whistleblowers responsible for the discovery told our correspondent that since he started working on the property as a guard, a woman who spoke fluent Yoruba repeatedly brought huge bags of money to Apartment 7B.  That particular property was known to guards as Apartment “Dash-Dash” because in the records there were two dashes where the name of the owner ought to be.

He recalled that on two occasions, he helped the woman, who was always curiously dressed in a haggardly way, to carry the money to “Dash-Dash”.  The woman, on the first occasion, gave him N10,000 as a gift, and on the second, N500.

He said the woman would spend about two hours in the apartment, then go freshen up in the gym at the back of the building before leaving.

The entire property is owned by former Peoples Democratic Party chairman Adamu Mu’azu, and boasts of a very elite clientele including EbonyLife CEO Mo Abudu and a daughter of former PDP chieftain Tony Anenih. 

According to the website, the flat where the money was found previously belonged to Ms. Anenih.

He further told our correspondent that Patricia, a daughter of former PDP “Mr. Fix-It” Chief Anthony Anenih, lives in Apartment 7A.  That is next door to 7B, which is now claimed by the NIA as belonging to it although only one woman, the wife of its Director-General, was ever seen in the premises in a home-decorating mission to furnish the apartment with up to N13 billion in raw cash.

Further investigations show that both Apartment 7A and 7B were initially owned by former Ms. Anenih and her husband Edo-Osagie, who used a company known as Bishop Hills Enterprises Ltd to buy them from the former PDP chairman.  It is unclear at what point they parted with 7B.

And that may not be all, as there may be other flats in the building with looted funds.

Meanwhile, the whistleblowers have also said they are certain that at least two other apartments in the building, which is now being watched, may also contain large sums of money.  But they did not confirm if they passed any details of this information to the EFCC.