A court in India has freed 3 men convicted of rape after deeming the victim to be promiscuous because she drank and owned condoms.

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The young woman — a student at the Jindal Global Law School — was once in a consensual relationship with one of the rapists, Hardik Sikri, according to a BBC report.

However, for 18 months after the relationship ended, Sikri used nude photos of the victim to blackmail and rape her.

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He forced her to have sex with his two friends, Karan Chhabra and Vikas Garg, and one time Sikri and Chhabra even gang-raped her, according to court documents. Sikri also forced the young woman to buy a sex toy and use it over Skype so he could watch.

The three boys are also students of the Law School, and Sikri and Chhabra were sentenced to 20 years in jail, while Garg got 7 years.

All three men are however free on bail currently, as the court ordered their release due in an extreme case of victim shaming.

The judgment read: “The victim’s testimony “offers an alternate story of casual relationship with her friends, acquaintances, adventurism and experimentation in sexual encounters”.”

It further added: “Her “allegations regarding her being threatened into submission and blackmail lend sufficient diabolism to the offence, but a careful examination of her statement again offers an alternate conclusion of misadventure stemming from a promiscuous attitude and a voyeuristic mind”.”

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“It would be a travesty if these young minds are confined to jail for an inordinate long period which would deprive them of their education, opportunity to redeem themselves and be a part of the society as normal beings,” presiding Justice Mahesh Grover and Justice Raj Shekhar Attri said in their judgment.

I’m extremely disappointed in India for this.